Re-Volt (E) (M4) [!]

The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

Staff member
Top# Of Cars In RaceKai6668110FFF6 000X
TopAll Stars - Stunt TrackKai666811095DE 0014
TopAlways 1st (A)Kai666811157AE 0001
811157B6 0000
TopAlways 1st (B)Kai6668110C33E 029A
TopCPU Has No WeaponsKai6668111CECE 0000
TopGold CupKai66681054476 00FF
TopInfinite ContinuesKai6668110C332 0006
TopLaps 2 RaceKai6668107DD1E 000X
TopMax SFXKai6668111CEB6 0064
TopNo MusicKai6668111CEBA 0000
TopP1 fake 1stKevin Cull811157AE 0001
TopP2 fake 1stKevin Cull81117C76 0001
TopP3 fake 1stKevin Cull8111A13E 0001
TopP4 fake 1stKevin Cull8111C606 0001
TopPlatinum CupKai666810544A2 00FF
TopSilver CupKai6668105444A 00FF
TopSpeedo ModKai66681052072 0003
TopTimer CheatKai66681114176 029A
8111417A 029A
8111417C 0000
8111417E 029A
TopUltimate Code (All Cars, Tracks & Race Directions)Kai6668104ADF6 0001
TopWeapon ModifierKai66681115798 0000
8111579A 000X
8111579E 0001

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