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As some of you may remember, Anthony made a thread not too long ago where he told us about the upcoming SGGG interview at Racketboy. Finally, it's here:

Read the interview.

Interesting, interesting. This interview has a lot more hands-on information than the last one. On the upside, it's clear that these guys are seriously good translators, with a lot of help from even better translators. Just reading the explanations behind the various translation decisions was really interesting to hear and makes me anxious to see the results.

Sadly, there's also a few problematic topics arising from this interview.
First of, the progress is not as high as many would've expected after this time, only one third of the overall text is translated, with one fourth being in its final state.
Another thing is the technical difficulties. Answering about the patch itself and the inevitable problems stemming from it, the answer was it's still "in flux". Also, there seems to be absolutely no progress made [NERD] on the various PVR compressions in the MRG archives or the half-width font, which is gonna require a seriously good reverse-engineer to pull it off [/NERD]. If anyone reading this has the knowledge, savoire-faire and/or time to help with either of these issues, please contact Howell.

Haha, I was also mentioned in there. Regarding the way Howell will distribute the translation, he made it clear that he is going to go the legal way and pwns the people (namely me) making SGGG releases in a nice, sophisticated way. Oh, and there's a chance the DEPR0GRAMMER will be called the DEPROGRAMMER (or Depro) in the translation. Yeah!

To conclude, if anyone here wants to show their support or help with anything, the Translation Blog is the best way to reach the translators.
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