racaseal whitill ver. Kotobukiya Model

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They have a couple of Racaseal model kits out that are manufactured by Kotobukiya. They are all basically the same "frame" but with different colored plastic and different mags and weapons. I haven't seen anything posted on here about them so here goes.
Oh yeah, here is a youtube review of the Elenor version.
This guy can paint circles around me...

The Elenor version was the first released, and then they released a whithil, a shino, a couple of variants (like a clear and a sky blue Elenor) and apparently yellowboze version is next. I got a whithill version because she's eventually going to go next to all of the Darth Vader crap in my TV room.


This is the "oh crap" part

and this is a couple of hours later...

although the instructions say that you don't have to glue anything, there are a couple of parts that probably do need some glue. All of it is molded in color, so you shouldn't have to paint anything except for the shot and the saber handle, oh yeah and the mag's "eye."
Good luck painting the shot. I overworked it. :evil:
Anyway, it should look pretty cool next to the Dreamcast or next to your game stack.
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