r4isdhc rts game compatibility and function comparison test

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R4 flash card was born at the end of 2006, because of its convenient use and low price, it beat many big old brand of flash card such as SC,M3, becoming the most

popular flash card for NDS gamers. Like its name, “Revolution For DS”, the emergence of R4 marked a historical revolution. However, big old brand like SC and M3

still occupy a very big share in flash card market, due to its powerful kernel, user-friendly interface, perfect game compatibility, and games auxiliary functions,

such as instant archiving, real-time game guide, golden finger, multi-archiving, of which all these make these flash cards rather expensive, hard for many NDS gamers

to reach. Is there a kind of product that has the same quality as big brand but at a acceptable price for most of the NDS gamers? We got a good news for you, R4i SDHC

RTS, what you’re looking forward to for a long time. A next generation R4 product. R4&M3 join hands with strength, supporting RTS. Brand new User Interface.

Revolutionary operating experience, compatibility synchronizes with M3. Let me give you a detailed introduction so that you can have a clear understanding.


Latest compatible games list test:

Notification of latest updates

Official game compatibility verification, DS ROM to 5220 are all supported.
To the released date, 8 NDS games can not run properly, 75 games cannot use soft reset, 121 games can not support RTS.

Incompatible games are list below:
4798 - Alice in Wonderland (EUR)
4799 - Sonic Classic Collection (EUR)
4837 - SpongeBob's Boating Bash (EUR)
4869 - KORG DS-10 PLUS (USA)
4952 - Prince of Persia:The Forgotten Sands
5134 - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (USA)
5200-Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (USA) (instant code problem)
5213 - Last Window: The Secret (Europe) (instant code problem)

We’re dealing with games that can’t not be run, problems can be due to the ROM data of DUMP. Official technique group are working on the compatibility. Meanwhile we

’re working on the latest games for update on the new kernel so that all gamers can enjoy games at the very first time.

** NSDi games support soft reset, pending for possibility of supporting Realtime Save.
** Playing NDSi games on NDSL / NDS, some functions such as camera may not be compatible with, which will be noticed automatically
** NDS ROM data from CLEAN DUMP could be wrong, please check whether the ROM file is correct

Official description for R4i SDHC RTS is shown below:


Compare with other flash cards:


R4ISDHC RTS Official Website: http://www.r4isdhc.com/rtsproducts/

Official campaign:

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