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So, I've recently realized that all of the DC indie releases that I've bought so far have the audio encoded as CDDA. What I'm wondering is: Is this really bad for my GD-reader? 'Cos IIRC, games that stream audio directly from the disk put more strain on the GD-read. I think a lot of earlier SNK fighting games have this problem, and also maybe some of the Capcom ones. IDK that CDDA necessarily means streaming audio, but it's not like a raw CDDA file could actually fit in 2MB sound RAM, could it? I've been playing a lot of Fast Striker, recently, which is why I'm worried. Especially since I think it was way too much Power Stone that killed my drive last time.

Also: is it bad for the GDreader to play CDs from the DC bios menu? That's actually a seperate question, but I might as well include it

While I'm including seperate questions, does anybody have a list of games that stream audio?
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