PSP's UMD drive plugged out and replaced with way cooler stuff


Hello ladies and gentle men,

While I was exploring youtubes deep jungles, I found this video:

Watch it, be amazed. I wish I could do the same with my psp (with a double Memory card slot duh :bucktooth:). I wonder if some of you guys could give me a shoulder and help me figure out the wiring charts here, and find two small speakers (like those), since the smallest I know are 1.5 cm and that's too big for the UMD bed + the camera + the double cards, I guess I need a centimeter or half a centimeter diameter speaker, also wandering how did he get the microphone to work since he/she claims it's a computer mic. I'm really hoping to get my psp like this, since this is really unique, and + the extra SD It's really gonna be a lesser web-book, which is far enough for me.
Now let's put our heads together and think of this wiring chart, and the components.

PS: you can see what is put into the psp from the description


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