PSPKVM apps besides opera mini?


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I think PSPKVM is very useful, but I have a feeling that most people only use it for Opera Mini, not taking it to it's full potential. I've had it for a while but i just started to tap into some of it's hidden powers..

I find it that 4.3 works better than any other version of Opera Mini (on 1000's anyway...less RAM). It looks really nice with font size set to small with the fullscreen option turned on. Also, i deleted a bunch of junk shortcuts and speed dials. I set it to J2ME standard (480*272), 333mhz, and configured the controls and keyboard to my liking through pspkvm's options. I set image quality to low for the sake of quicker loading. If you open just an image by itself (point to image>square>open image) it still loads in its original quality which is useful.
I may be boring some with basics, but my point is that if you explore all the options and really familiarize yourself with it, it can be customized quite well. Sometimes it's necessary just to get things to work!
If you just download it and run it without changing anything, I think you're missing out.


here's the jist of how mine looks:





Like I said, I just started to do other things with it; by pressing Ltrig+Rtrig+triangle the running app switches to the background, and another app can be ran from pspkvm's menu, simultaneously. I would usually use this to reconnect if my connection was lost or went weak (my bedroom's a couple rooms over from the router), but only recently I decided to utilize it to run two java apps at the same time.
If you already have opera mini, then the best thing you can do for it is to install KD player, an mp3 player. I went through a few versions before I found one that worked well (plus it uses a psp skin!).

Here's a link my friends:

It'd be great if it worked without any tinkering, but life is woe, and such is not the case. I'll tell you how to configure it.

1)After it is installed, highlight KD Player, select Menu>Select Device.
2)Set preferred device to SonyEricsson (320*240), and the frequency to 333mhz if you wish (who wouldnt?).
3)Save changes, then select Menu>Settings and then change all settings to do not interrupt, ask, etc.
4)Run KD player select Menu>Preferences>General Settings
and make sure they are set to :
*read tags from phone
*gather tags from filenames
*search in subfolders​
5)Save those settings, then Menu>Preferences>Player Settings check "autoplay music on startup".
6)Save that, then Menu>Preferences>Folders for Scanning>Menu>Add Folder Highlight "Music/" and hit Menu>Choose the Folder. Go one level deeper to select albums. You have to choose desired albums every time they're changed.
7)Hit back a few times to go to KD player's main menu.
8)Menu>Update Library>Continue and the player will scan for your files. Every time you change your music you will have to do this!
**Note: music files must be in psp/music, not root/music.**
9)That's it. :mrgreen:


If done correctly, this will play mp3's for you. I'll leave it up to you to figure out the player's controls.
Choosing "visualization" will crash the app unfortunately.
Now you can surf with Opera Mini while listening to music!
Dont forget, Ltrig+Rtrig+triangle, then select the second app to run.

I have another cool java application. It's called Snaptu.
(download "JAR only unsigned")

1)At pspkvm's menu you must frst highlight snaptu, then Menu>Select Device and set perferred device to Nokia(480*272) and again change the frequency to 333mhz.
2)Go back, and then Menu>Settings and change all options like with KD player.

Basically, it's a nice, highly customizeable RSS feed for news, blogs, sports, movies etc. It also has a nice weather forcast function and you can also use it to get games I believe..but I havent tried it for that (I have all the games I want, java po0peh doesn't appeal to me).

Some pics:






I wish i had more to share, but that's all I've found for the past couple of days...

My question to you guys is this:

What java apps are you running on pspkvm?

I really want an internet radio player for it, but every one that I try doesn't work.

If I could find an internet radio player I'd be satisfied. That's the real reason why I made this thread. I'm sharing some of what I know..hopefully someone out there can help me in return.

I'm sure there are many more nice JARs out there. They're just so hard to find. If you can help me find more I could add them to this thread for all to see.

If anyone has trouble figuring out how to get these apps to work i'll gladly help.
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