PSP PS HACK thread 2


first meant to type PSP GPS HACK thread 2

hello been a while since i posted here but since they found the code to sign all homebrew,, have they found away to make all psn add on content work on a psp?

i have lost my go explore umd almost a year ago and had been bought the USA Go Explore map packs back then too but they do not work on a hacked version of go explore or the iso....

would this be similar to making the downloadable cars from gran turismo psp work on an iso? in gran turismo there are downloadable cars that wont show up on the start up of the game... has to do with licinsing of some sort... has then been fixed or able to be alterd by some great programming mind? i have no problem sharing my official bought copy of the downloadable maps with the world of psp hacks ..
ive read before they have made downladable content work on a hacked psp........
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