PSP N1001 CFW Clarification and Benefits


So I've talked with a few people in various places and flashed the 6.39 pro-b8 onto my pspgo (N1001) 5g.
I'm wondering what the benefit of going to 6.20 pro-b8 would be.

-Is it only that the patch is permanent?
-Does it have the same game compatibility or will some new games ask to upgrade like they would on a ps3?
-for 6.39 if I turn it all the way off I have to re-run what? I did run CIPL_Flasher does that make it permanent or do I still need to run something on startup? Do I need to run just fast recovery or both proupdate and fastrecovery (or nothing)?
-is it better to just leave it in sleep or should it be turned all the way off? (lets say there is an average of 2 days before each use though that may not always be the case)
-on 6.39 pro-b8 can I play games online (through psn) if so is that native or does that require a patch (like I believe it does in 6.20 which is psnlover right?)

-and finally should i stay put or really should I move to 6.20? I mean the answers to these questions would help me decide but if one feels strongly I should then could you also say why?

thank you for any help it is much appreciated.
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