PSP Model 1004 bricked


Hi there!!

This is my problem:

I bricked my PSP model 1004... don't know for sure what 'caused it... i was trying to load a Demo from the game PATAPON 2 and it kept giving me an error message that "it wasn't possible to start the game"... i tried it 3 or 4 times and it always hapened the same. then i tried a 5th time to load that demo and it turned off never to be turned on again... i had the CFW 5.50 gen-D3 and i was trying to update it because i wasn't able to play PES 2011 :(
Now i found this tutorial:

wich fits my sistuation... since i do not have a pandora battery nor a magic memory stick...
the problem is that it talks about a software that i can0t find anywhere:

step 3: "Download a PSP recovery program to the desktop of the computer (for example, the 3.0 Downgrader program in "Resources"). Double-click on the file once it has fully downloaded to decompress it to a folder on the desktop"

can someone tell me where to get 3.0 Downgrader?

and is it the appropriate downgrader software for a PSP model 1004 with the CFW 5.50 gen-D3?

i am desperate... it's been like 4 days of investigation and searching for help...
thanx in advance.
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