PSP issues abound: Patapon 3 won't load and Remotejoylite crashes most games.


I am running 6.20tn-d on a PSP go.

Patapon 3 was running great on 6.35pro-b5, but now it freezes upon loading. It is a psn download. The only one that won't work. I think my version.txt is set to 6.39 because I can access psn but spoof version is turned off.

Also Remotejoylite 0.19 crashes most games. Specific examples are Chains of Olympus (which crashes the PSP and the application) and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, which freezes as soon as it tries to load data. I wanted to use my comp as a monitor to play, but seems I can't with almost every game.

Seems like I have nothing but problems with what I'm trying to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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