PSP isnt doing anything please help.


Im pretty much new to this hacking stuff. I have CFW M33-6 and it has been working the last few days. Ive brought an 8GB Memory stick (As ive been using a 1GB the last few days) and been playing Monster Hunter 3rd. Now since getting this new memory stick ive installed Popsloader (PSX Emulator Plugin), UMD Dumper : and used this for my Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker UMD and used the game install feature. Also i have GBA emulator and installed prometheus 4. Now since ive added these to my PSP (PHAT) it wont play any of the games saved and comes up with an error code, it also wont connect to my internet (Its picks up my ISP and tries to connect then says "Unable to connect to server). Ive now reinstalled M33-5 again now. Please help.
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