PSP is beyond bricked - not even Pandora works


Hey guys. My PSP-1000 is beyond bricked. It had CFW 5.50 GEN D3 + Prometheus, and I just used it to play Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on UMD and KH: Birth by Sleep on my memory stick. Over time, it started giving me problems turning it on - I'd have to remove and reinsert the battery, and sometimes tap it and wiggle it around as well before it would turn on.

Now it won't turn on at all - I pull the power switch up and the power LED turns on green, but the PSP doesn't do anything. However, it never turns off like in other videos of bricked PSPs I've seen. I bought a Pandora Battery and created a Magic Memory Stick and confirmed that both work by using them on a friend's PSP. When I put them in my own PSP, it booted into service mode, and everything seemed fine. But when I chose "Install 5.00 M33" from the menu and the progress bar appeared, it turned off before it even went past 0%. Now when I try to boot it with the Pandora battery again, the power LED turns on green for 1 second and then turns off, and it never boots into the menu.

So like I said, the PSP is beyond bricked and it seems not even Pandora can unbrick it. Has anyone heard of this before? Is there a solution? Is it a hardware problem?
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