PSP GO N1004 PB - Button Problems


Good day everyone,

Hope you all are doing fine. I hope I'm allowed to post about PSP Go systems.

I've bought my son a PSP go yesterday, second hand unit. It has a few strange "problems" though.

1. The start button doesn't work. My son managed to figure out though if you flick the power/reset button down and up that it acts as the start button. Seems like the button got remapped somehow.
2. The "Home" button: Whilst in a game when you press the button it brings the Pause / Quit screen overlay, but I'm unable to navigate to the quit option. Meaning I'm unable to quit a game the normal way. I have to reset the device to be able to get to the other games. I noticed when the overlay is active that if I press the directional keys or x button that its actually active for the game in the background.
3. When I want to change the nickname in system settings or want to enter the password for my Wireless network the device seem to fill the characters in by itself. It's not giving me the time to enter anything. However, when I played a game I could enter my name in fine when creating a profile.

I don't know if the previous owner tried to hack the device, I sort of doubt that since only the 10 games that came with the devices are installed.

It's currently running 6.39 as OS. Do you guys think the above mentioned problems is due the software that went haywire or do you think it's a hardware problem? I don't want to update the software to 6.60 yet. Is it possible to reload the official 6.39 version over the current one or will one need to downgrade first to reload 6.39?

I did do factory default settings and it still does the same as mentioned above.

Many thanks for your responses.
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