PSP Go 6.35 PRO-B4 help!!



i recently purchased a PSP Go with CFW 6.35 PRO-B4..NOW im not that familiar with the PSP Go *acking scene BUT i still do put CFW's in my phat PSP so im hoping it wont be to hard for me to learn everything i to my questions..

1. is 6.35 PRO-B4 the latest CFW?or should i change?

2. is there any other better and stable CFWs than this one for the Go?('cause according to the guy that sold me the PSP Go he says that the Go is not that perfectly "jailbroken" yet)

3. and he also added that i shouldn't FULLY turn off my PSP (2sec turning off) as it will go back to the original (and also dont let the battery run out)..are the new CFWs worked around this?(as im afraid of running out of battery)

4. i noticed that the memory stick is different now than the phat if i buy the one appropriate for the Go can i run ISO's, dl'd games on it like a regular phat mem stick? there any way i can run PS1 games or even SNES emu's on PSP Go..

any help would be greatly appreciatted
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