Psp freezing upon updating, playing iso, etc.


I have a psp 2001 TA-85... I had 5.50 Gen-D3 on it and wanted to update to the 6.20 pro.. I had no luck trying to update kept getting the white psp screen then freezing.. I then used a pandora battery and magic memory stick to boot and installed 5.00 m33-4... Tried to update to OFW 6.20 and again it froze on the white psp screen.. I used pandora and flashed back to OFW5.00 and tried to update to 6.20 same thing. I then did the network update and it downloaded 6.39 but again the same thing it freezes on the white psp screen.. I then flashed back to 5.00 m33 and tried to play an iso, it wouldnt it froze on the white psp screen. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? The mem stick is supported and it does flash to 5.00 OFW and 5.00 m33 custom firmware using pandora.. I tried to reset to factory settings and again it froze.. Please help me figure a solution.. Thanks.

Auto-Merge: oh, almost forgot... When i put in a umd game it wont read it or anything, dosent even spin. like its not there
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