PSP Downgrading Issues


Hey, I've been trying to get Fusa to work on my PSP and it hasn't been working so well because I have CFW 6.60 PRO-B8. The program's used on 6.39, so I wanted to see if it'd work better on the older firmware. On 6.60 the NES emulator is the only thing that works and everything else looks, well, wrong.

I found a Youtube tutorial on how to downgrade to 6.39 from 6.60 without a Pandora Battery, and I'm not sure if I should trust it.

Let me know if you've had any experience doing this, I'd like some recommendations before I go and screw my only PSP up. Some assistance would be nice, thanks.

I run a PSP Slim (2000) with PSP CFW 6.60 PRO B8 and I'm wanting to downgrade to 6.39 PRO-BX.
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