PSP buttons layouts does not respond sometimes or sometimes not at all...


Hello guys, i have a psp 3000 model running 6.20 pro b7 firmware, just recently i was playing prinny 2
& for some weird particular reason my X & circle or maybe the rest of the buttons layouts does not respond as i press either those buttons,
but sometimes it turns back to normal then like 10 sec later it does it again & sometimes it does it both as the same time like my psp has
hiccups or something, i had this psp for three years & this is going to be the fourth year, i'm not planning to buy a new one because i just recently
replace my UMD reader & LCD screen but... before i buy new parts i wanna know if there's any solutions for this problem, because i don't wanna throw any money
in the garbage for nothing, thanks guys!!! really appreciate your help!...
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