PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM?


so i was wondering which product i should buy. The PSP Battery Service Tool Or PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM? I have the God of War Bundle pack so its a psp 2001 (which i think is slim?)

i was at a forum (lost the page/bookmark) the admin told me he bought the PSP Battery Service Tool and said i should to so i wont have to mod much.

but i was wondering which one i should get, i was to do custom firmware and run diff apps and like i said, i was told the best way to do so is using the service bat packs.

so can anyone tell me which one i should get?

here are the links. I'll throw all 3 "tools" i found. email me or reply to this and please tell me which one is better or both

( PSP Battery Service Tool & PSP MAX Power TOOL SLIM)

thanks alot

oh and the price dosnt matter...
(This is the one the admin from another forum told me to get)

(i think this is the same but its "only" for the slim)

(this one is the one for the "original" psp)

thanks again, i just dont want to blindly want to order both when the 1st one dose the same as 2 and 3 but is a better know...
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