Psp 80410aob internal error !! Help !


Right, Ive got a PSP 3000 With CFW (I used EBOOT thing to Hack my psp). I downgraded my PSP to 6.20 from 6.35, then i made it PRO B. I also used a program called KeyCleaner for my PSP to reconize PSP TYPE B because i was trying out RemoteJoy 20a, Then when i went online (Browser, Infastructure, adhoc) it scanned my connection and code appeard saying "80410AOB INTERNAL ERROR". Can someone please help me on this. BTW i cant buy a Pandora Battery, WI FI memory card or open up my PSP. THANKS, i really need help. Ive tryed froamting my memory card and taking out the battery and MS, but still no luck.

Also Default settings and reinstalling cfw, uninstalling, and ofw installing.. but nothing works.. and i only use my psp for online.. please help...thanks
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