Psp 6.35 Pro help please!


I was hoping someone here could help me! I've got a PSP-2000 a silver one, and I use the soft mod, the jpn demo + Prometheus iso loader to play games.

All has been good until about two days ago, my psp has been acting very weird after I cleaned the screen with water. At first the volume keys didn't work but they are fine now. All of my buttons work properly except my home button and my memory stick area.

My psp reads umds, plays music, photo, videos etc. It even accesses all the data when I install the soft mod. Yet went it comes to changing my nickname it automatically kicks me out, and when I run Prometheus to choose an iso, the iso is there but my memory stick flashes constantly not allowing me to actually start it. Any help here? D: I'm thinking it's a hardware issue, like I need to take off the faceplate and clean everything. Cause I've formatted and reset my psp's settings.
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