PSP 1000 on 5.03 unable to use ChickHEN R2


Hello Chaps, I'm having a problem getting chickHEN to run on my PSP.
I honestly don't know if i'm going about this in the right way, as all the information i find is pretty old.

I pulled out my old PSP fat (that i haven't used for over a year) and it was running firmware 4.0 something, so i upgraded it to 5.03 (which went fine, it displays on the system settings that i'm running 5.03 now) as the guide i found online told me.
Firstly I manually placed the TIFF file in the picture folder as asked, and the h.bin file in the root area of my memory stick.
I tried all of yesterday turning my PSP off and on, trying to get chickHEN to work. Now i understand that it can be temperamental but I lost count after the 200's of times of turning it back on and off.
So today, I downloaded a zip file that had a program called "EZ503HenFATversion" on it, I formatted the card in the PSP and used that program to copy across the files, and tried a couple of hundred times this afternoon, to no effect.
I've read up as much as i can find on the "tips and tricks" of making chickHEN work, i've formatted the card countless times and also restored to factory setting the PSP on several occasions with no success. I've also turned off the UMD auto read, and the USB auto detect.
All that seems to happen is one of two things, either the PSP will freeze up before i can get to the picture slider bit in the menu (forcing me to hold down the power button until the console turns it's self off.) or I will open the TIFF file the screen shows a grey background with two arrows forming a circle and freezes the console. (forcing me to hold down the power button to turn it off again.) I've not seen the flashing colours/colors or the green screen, and my psp has not reset it's self.

So i'm at a loss of what to do next.
If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate them.

Thanks Guys!
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