PSP 1000 [5.51 GEN-A] buttons wont work on main menu but works on recovery mode


Recently the buttons of my PSP started not to work
But all the buttons work on recovery mode
When on the main menu, I switch to the 'hold' button it shows me the VSHMenu and I'm unable to proceed from there
But after I leave the PSP off for about 8-12 hours the buttons work on the main menu but after about a minute they stop working again!
NOTE : Volume and Screen Brightness Buttons work in Main Menu

* I tried disabling the VSHMenu from Recovery, but it didn't work
* I formatted flash1 and reset all settings, still didn't work
* Im try to fix it with Hellcat Recovery v1.6 but I cant get pass the
agreeing screen as my buttons dont work to navigate around

Any ideas how to fix it..... plz hellllpppp me. I'm desperate to play the new games on it!!!! plz helllppp

PS : I dont own a Pandora Battery or a Magic Memory Stick
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