PS1 S-Video cable for better video quality 240p

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I'm looking a sweet cable for my PS1 because I'm rocking the Sony PVM, Its the shit when playing classic games Dreamcast's 480p Hi-Rez out put is the best of its generation that's why it can look so sweet on our shity LCD's and Plasma fucking crap. :roll: The Sega Saturn and the PS1 - PS2 don't have a fucking sweet output so a new cable and PVM is the fix.


What type of cable is this? It says "BLAZE S-VIDEO AV LEAD" but there is a few more plugs??


There's a photo of me playing a gig with rez with a fucking LCD butt hurt faggot from now on I'm rocking the huge CRT 60KG backbreaker because the Dreamcast is worth my fucking muscles getting fucking huge and ripping ghost in the shell style!



Long live the Dreamcast open computer for the world!
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