Proupdate and Fastrecovery, also question about games


Hey guys,

I was wondering,

Let's say I install a Pro 6.39 B6 CFW on a PSP 3000.

Now I know whenever I do a coldboot, I just have to run fastrecovery.

I am also told that when you do a coldboot, your PSP returns to factory settings.

If so, why isn't it possible to install CFW directly using fastrecovery? I am asking this because I would like to know if there is something that is permanently installed when proupdate is ran. Otherwise, why couldn't fast recovery be used to install in the first place?


For PSP backups (by self), does every game need to be patched? Also, is it safe to use PSN?

And for PSX, after I rip the game from CD into an eboot, can it directly be played on Pro CFW without plugins/emulators?

Sorry about all my questions, but thanks in advance.
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