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Have some questions I've been wanting to ask for quite some time in hopes of getting some feedback. it concerns the following...

How do you go about with your Dreamcast when it comes to...

-Turning off you console after playtime. Do you just turn it off? Do you leave your discs in the console when not in use or do you always take them out?

-Switching games? Do you turn it off before switching discs and then back on?

I ask because early on, These examples more or less reflect how i went with respects to using my Dreamcast... That is until I began hearing on the net that following actual procedures which the consoles manual recommends, becomes essential to correctly using your console and thus give the GD Drive some healthy longevity.

The manual states that the consumer should always open the disc tray while the power is ON to remove the disc when either turning off your unit or to switch to another game to play.

I follow this but throw and extra step or two by resetting back to either the game title screen or the the consoles operating system screen by way of the controller reset command.

Please share your thoughts! How do you go about using your system in these examples? Do you believe there is any benefit to following the console manual recommendations?
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