Prometheus 4 white PSP screen freeze and shutdown


Hello first post (so NOOB fits well).
I have a 1000 Fat PSP
that had 5.5 Gen D3

Been happily backing up my UMDs but a few did not work with VSH menu so downloaded umdumper (stright to mem stick).
sorted a further 10% of games backed up successfully.

so was left with a few that did not work with either.

Surf net and found Prometheus 4 add on and thought would be next logical step to bring PSP up to date.

Installed fine (many web guides, this site very helpful).
I went to load from mem stick and games gets stuck on white PSP screen then shuts off after a few seconds.????

All other xmb items work from stick, music/videos but not games they all get stuck.

I read that I had to use Iso tool to back up games then would work, tried this but when opening tool it also gets stuck on white screen.

next fix on net hellcats recovery flasher guess what same problem wont load up (white screen).

As I say not very technical but can get by with a good guide and have spent hours on web searching for fix and in vsh menu and r button start up menu changing settings (and yes definately in correct setting M33 driver no umd or Sony NP9660.

Any help much appreciated.

Many Thanks
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