Problems updating to 6.60 PRO B9


Hello to all.

Its been a while since i haven't touched my PSP, so i took it out of the closet and thought i'd better update it to the latest CFW.

I followed this link, the PSP2000 and installing from GEN D3 or Prometeus part.

I did everything as the article told me.
I changed the number 9.90 to 5.50 in version.txt on flash0
I installed the Oficial Firmware 6.60 without any trouble.

The problem happens when i try to load the PROB Update, which would load PRO B9 CFW so i could finally load the flasher and make the update permanent on my hackable psp2000.

But when i load the update, and press X so it would load the CFW, i get the message saying the system will reboot under CFW but the PSP doens't reboot, it actually just shuts down after a few secs.
And because of that, the hack doens't stay, and i'm stuck to the OFW, not being able to open anything but the loader that isn't working.

Is there a way i can proceed from here? Is this error known?
Could i try to install the 6.60 ME 1.4 Firmware directly from my current firmware (OFW 6.60), or would i have to downgrade to 5.x OFW in order to install any other CFW (including rolling back to old GEN 5.50 D)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Auto-Merge: I think my PSP has a problem.

Now i rolled back to OFW 5.03 to use the ChickHEN R2 trick.
Put the h.bin in the root of the memory stick, the .tiff image in the photo folder, , but when i try to load the tiff image, but the PSP does the same thing it does when i tried to load the PROB Updater: instead of restarting loading the hack, it turns off.

Now instead of being stuck with the 6.60 OFW, i'm with the 5.03. :<<
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