Problem with Super Robot Wars Z2


Hi, Im trying to run SRW Z2 on my PSP Go and I can get it to run if I go into the Prometheus ISO Loader and run it from there but when I make an icon with ISO Tools it never works. Depending on what driver I use I either get an immediate crash or a red screen and then a crash, but either way I cant get the game to run. All my other games run just fine that way.

I cant figure out why it does this since its supposedly using the same drivers as Prometheus to run it. Prometheus loads it on NP9660 and the game works fine. It goes in a brief red screen but then loads the game.

I also tried aLoader 1.25 and it gives me the same red screen and then crashes.

Im running 6.20 HEN-E. Is ISO compatibility better on 6.35 PRO? Anyway, thanks for the help.
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