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I wasn't sure where to post a question about the value of specific games by the opinion of DC-Talk users, so I figured I'd post a new thread. If there is already one of these and I missed it, please close the thread. I know you can just look at recently completed eBay auctions but they are wildly inaccurate at times from uneducated purchases. I would love to keep this thread active for anyone new or veterans wondering about a specific title and sort of compile a list.

Anyway, my question to you guys;

What is the approximate worth of these 3 games, but also what do you think I could sell them for on eBay?

Skies of Arcadia (CIB)
Record of Lodoss War (CIB)(Like new condition, nearly mint)
EGG: Elemental Gimmick Gear (CIB)

I would estimate about $65-$70 in worth, $35 for Skies, $25 for RoLW, and $10-$15 for EGG. I think if I sold them on eBay I'd try to get around $80-$85 but if that's unreasonable someone let me know.

Opinions welcome!
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