Preserving Discs In Broken Cases

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Hi All,

I'm after some advice please :)

I've recently purchased Shenmue 2 (PAL) and the discs are immaculate, however, the blue plastic teeth which hold the discs have broken and the discs are sliding about inside :?
I want to preserve the discs inside the case, and stop them from sliding about - it's not caused any scratches yet, but I don't want any to develop if I can help it. My problem is, I can't find any replacement cases on eBay or Amazon.
What I want to ask is, how do you guys get around this? or how would you?

I have some clear plastic CD sleeves which I've put them in for the time being, but I'd prefer to keep it in its original case so it's all together and in one place.

Thanks in advance
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