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POY POY is multitap compatible and can be played with 1-4 players.


D-pad - Move
Select Button - Switch camera angles
Start Button - Pause
R1 Button - Lethal Throw
X Button - Pick up an item/throw forward (hold down to throw farther)
Square Button - Throw an item hard and forward (slam in front)
O Button - Suplex (throw it backwards)
Triangle - Lethal Throw

-Note- Weaker characters take longer to pick up heavy objects. Press any
button while trying to pick up an object besides X to stop picking it up.

Defensive Controls:

Square,Trianlge,O - Jump
X - Squat down (reduces damage from bomb blasts)


The object of Poy Poy is to win each match by being the last one left
standing. To do this throw all kinds of objects at opponents. The goal is
to out score your opponents.


Each round lasts a max of 2 minutes. The round is over when time runs out
or when one person is left standing. At the end of each round points are
awarded based on:

Direct Hits - Awarded for hitting someone directly with an object.

Luck Bonus - Awarded for getting the white hearts in the crates.

Round Bonus - Determined by how long the player was in the match and/or how
much health remained at the end of the round.

Physche Gloves - Physche Gloves are special gloves you pick at the
beggining of each match. They have special powers as long as you have
enough of your bar (located underneath your heart) left. They can be
upgraded or bought with the money won from exhibition mode.

Modes of play:

Exhibiton - Play one match at a time. You can't win money in this mode.

Poy Poy Cup - You go through a series of matches. You lose if you do not
finish in first place. You have three continues.

The lobby - In Poy Poy cup mode you start off in the lobby. This is the
area where you can buy and upgrade gloves. You can also save your
game here. When you are ready to play for a cup go through the
door and talk to the usher.

Objects and Items

Red ball - Speed Burst
Blue ball - Temporary unstable condition
Flashing ball - Restores Psyche glove to full power
Black ball - a time bomb
White heart - two luck points
Red heart - restores some energy
Rocks and Logs - large and small with corresponding damage
Bombs - Large and small with corresponding blast radiuses
Wooden Box - contains certain power ups

Loading a Game
Press select on the character select screen.

Press L1 or L2 at the character select screen to see each characters attributes.

Mia and Arnold are the most well rounded characters.
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