Potential uses of the raspberry pi on the dreamcast

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Most of us here are aware that the raspberry pi has been used to create the dream pi and make online gaming on the dreamcast easier for the masses within the community so I was wondering could the raspberry pi be used in other ways to expand the dreamcast capabilities.

Could the CPU and RAM of the rasberry pi(I am aware there are different models with different CPU clock speeds and RAM) be used to expand the power of the dreamcast like the 32x did for the megadrive ? or would that be to much to ask for indie developers and the devs that maintain KOS.

Could there be any uses for the USB ports I'm not sure but maybe the SD/micro SD slot could be used to download monetized indie games for those who don't want to buy physical discs and avoid the shipping problems some indie games have been having or used as back ups for games people already own without having to use CDRs but again that might be too much work for devs
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