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The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

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TopHave All LevelsZuut Suit Ryan, Kola810C2CD2 0006
TopHave AppleKola803AEFDF 0001
TopHave Apple & BombKola803AEFDF 0002
TopHave Apple, Bomb & FluteKola803AEFDF 0004
TopHide First Digit In Roll Of FilmKola80389A1A 009D
TopPress L Button To Pull Mew Closer To CameraZap2, KolaD00488A1 0020
8118D350 4300
TopRapid-Fire Apples And PesterBallsKola80383777 0000
TopHave Rocket Boost (R)Crocc803AEFDF 0020
TopPress L To Stop On Beach LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
80202665 0001
TopPress L To Stop On Cave LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
80202CE5 0001
TopPress L To Stop On River LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
801F042D 0001
TopPress L To Stop On Tunnel LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
801DE715 0001
TopPress L To Stop On Valley LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
801DA57D 0001
TopPress L To Stop On Volcano LevelKolaD00488A1 0020
801FD085 0001
Top16-Bit ActivatorKolaD10488A0 ????
TopActivator 1KolaD00488A0 00??
TopActivator 2KolaD00488A1 00??
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)KolaDE000400 0000
F103D760 2400

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