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Dizzy Partner​

If you circle around your partner enough in a dungeon. He or she will become confused.

Gift Passwords​

When in the menu in the Pokemon Paradise, enter these passwords to get the designated items or Pokemon or the like.

All Strength Stone5SFPHSF5
Blue KeyMS2NT2N5
Co-Operation ScarfP3N9FNSK
Dark GiftNP529KP5
Dragon GiftP5HK562S
Electric Gift4JYYK242
Fighting GiftT8WJYJK3
Fire GiftJQ3Q3T29
Ghost Gift8TSMFYP6
Gold RibbonQ2TWS8M9
Gold SeedW4KRK4XH
Grass Gift6NW2R75W
Green KeyH37Y9K5N
Ground GiftXH4233YF
Happy RibbonRMS2MHMW
Healthy Orb9PRJ7WQX
Ice GiftR2YC2RQH
Joy Seed6WK2WT36
Life SeedSQJX25FR
Lottery Ticket4CHS8MN4
Normal GiftRQRPM92J
Oran BerrySTS6YCW5
Power Secret4MJ7XP8K
PP SecretY978TS4Y
Psychic Gift8S3M4JHK
Recover RibbonW68NKMFQ
Red KeyS3TH8HM8
Revival SeedP483K4XN
Rock GiftK7969XM8
Silver Lottery85RH84P4
Sitrus BerryWFK2W6NJ
Slumber OrbXF8TX5HS
Steel Gift6W9XNM9N
TM - Return8RC84HYC
Violent Seed863Y3SQC

Loose a Shopkeeper in Paradise​

If you've built an Elite Boutique, this has probably happened to you. If you don't give the Elite Boutique any business, as in you don't buy anything for a few days, the shop keeper will leave and he/she will not come back. At that point, you'll have to remove the Elite Boutique.

Wonder Mail Gifts (Europe)​

Enter the codes indicated below in your Wonder Mail to receive the corresponding rewards. This set of codes works only in Europe.

Q858FWH2 - All Protect Orb.
3K9RNQC3 - Gold Scope.
3W29MF3N - Joy Ribbon.
FXT4NX7N - Joy Seed.
9H6R9QSS - Reviver Seeds.
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