Picodrive sega cd fmv games issue


Hi All,

First time poster but long time user of the website -

I am using the sega cd picodrive software on my psp which i put togeather using the excellent tutorials on this site however, when trying to play certain roms using the sega cd it will not start the game it just dumps me to the software cd player that the mega cd use to have (like when you put in a audio cd it would play that through the built in cd player). only seems to happen on FMV games and I cant find anything online to assist so I am hopeing someone on this forum has come across this before. Maybe its just bad iso's but downloaded a few from around the web (diffrent locations) and they all do the same. surely someone must have got for example sewer shark working? anyhow hope this is right place to post this and if its not appologies to the admins please fogive my ignorence.
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