PhotoFast CR-5400


Hey there!
I just bought a PhotoFast cr-5400 and 2x8gb microSD and i have a couple of problems.. First of all im using a psp slim 2g the card its self fits kinda hard but it in.. when i format the from the psp at the end it says there isint a memortstick inside the psp.. strange?! but okey it reads that i have 14 gb *yey* ^^ now my final problem is that when i switch from my Games to my Videos it takes about 12 sec to load.. witch is alot!
and i dont have like 10 gb games and 2 gb vides.. i have 150 mb on video and around 2gb on games :/ Im using 6.39 Pro-B7 my psp model is slim 02g.. I've read that to fix the laggy problem i must disable the magicgate support with IRshell but there is no more IRshell for 6.xx so what can i do:/ or im doomed?
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