Phantasy Star Portable 2 - [ULES-01439]

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I've tried every code for the US ver. and only a few really work (might lead to freeze sometimes)

Here's the list:

_C0 Storage Slot 3 Crimson Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00200408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Darkness Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x000F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Whitill Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00660408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Brightness Circ
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00690408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Photon Field
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00240408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Celebrity Aura
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x001F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Darkness Spell
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00130408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Whiting Spell
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00140408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Rabol Yiel
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x021E0102
_L 0x20A10FC8 0x00003C05
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Feril / Power
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00040208
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Feril / Guard
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00040308
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Inferno Roar
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00560408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Ice-Blade Gust
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00590408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 zamba
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x03210101
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Landslide Impac
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x005F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Diabolic Embrac
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00650408

_C0 9999999 Meseta
_L 0x2095CB94 0x0098967F
_L 0x20A4F5C4 0x0098967F
_C0 Inf HP
_L 0x015952B6 0x00000063
_L 0x015952B2 0x00000063
_C1 Job Exp Multiplier x128
_L 0x2001EC48 0x000581C0
_C0 Exp Multiplier x128
_L 0x2001DEC8 0x000599C0
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