Penny Arcade Adventures : On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness: Episode One Cheat Codes

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Winner Is You (10 GP)Successfully complete the first episode.
All Together Now (5 GP)Do a 3-member Team-Up Attack.
Clean Sweep (30 GP)Find and kill every possible enemy in the game.
Fight 'Em With Items (20 GP)Find and use every item in the game at least once.
Immortal (20 GP)Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat.
Level Awesome (20 GP)Kill enough enemies in the game to get the XP necessary to get all party members to Level 15.
Nine Lives (15 GP)Kill an enemy using T. Kemper's basic attack.
Pacifist (15 GP)Only use counterattacks, health items, or distraction items to win one battle.
Pack Rat (15 GP)Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game.
Silent, But Deadly (30 GP)Fight, and destroy the final Boss without using any healing items.
Steel Devils (15 GP)Explore the world to find all the robots, and defeat them all in combat.
Stray Cat (5 GP)Have T. Kemper join the player as a support character.
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