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  • Akropolis tower items
At the posiedon fountain in Akropolis plaza go to the far right door from the center of the fountain. On your way there should be a tree that is completley red. Check it out and you'll find a box with a protein capsule inside. If you check the swat members body on the bench in the observetory you'll find a swatvest and the swat member right outside the church has a submachine gun. | [Sent by NathanielDominguez]
  • Bonus Weapons

This weapon is only available in Replay Mode. You must first achieve a rating of A. This weapon is very slow and very heavy, but insanely deadly. You can buy this weapon for 20,000 BP


Yes, it's the same weapon from FFVIII. Using R1 to swing and R2 to shoot at the same time the blade hits the enemy. This weapon uses Shotgun ammunition, so the better the ammunition is the more damage it inflicts. This weapon is only available in Replay Mode and costs 10,000 BP.

Monk Robe

Getting this one will be either very easy or very difficult depending on your natural propensity to suck. You must achieve an EXP total of 14510 or worse at the end of your game. This armor is only available in Replay Mode. You can purchase this armor for 3,000 BP.
  • Extra Modes
Finish the game with the good ending and two new difficult modes, Bounty and Supportless Mode, will be unlocked.
  • Get prizes & BP
At the Beginning of the game DONT practice! Wait till after the Akropilis Tower. After the Tower get the M4A1. THEN practice with it and if you do good enough you get prizes and BP! The prizes are Hunter Goggles (prevent Darkness), Lip Balm (prevent Silence) these must be attached to do so! Shoulder holster armor and other stuff.
  • Kill the Giant Beast
Before you got to bed at the Motel Room 6 you should have the Grenade Pistol or the M4A1, also have Energy Shot and Healing. The best place to be when fighting The Giant Beast is the Corner of the Room 6 and the Storage Unit he can't hit you there. Heal whenever needed and keep shooting have plenty of ammo though. If you kill the Beast you get a protein capsule (+5 health) and later from Mr. Douglas you get a full automatic Handgun w/ bullet capacity of 100!.
  • Passwords
The passcode for the Bridge at the panel is: 561
The passcode for the Bronco Masterkey is: 3033
The passcode for raising the Flood Gate is: 18
The passcode for raising the Full Moon Gate is: 15
  • Special Card
After you save Rupert from No.9 in the Akropolis Tower stay in the chapel until you find a door on the side. Try to open it and you'll start hearing static and it will flash to a scene with a S.W.A.T member talking to someone. When the S.W.A.T member leaves go inside and go to where he was standing and you'll see he planted a bomb. Try to open the door he left from, its locked but try again and you will recieve a black card. This card is useless until you get to the shelter later on in the game but when you get to the shelter go to the Armory and use it on the card reader. It will open and you will get a refill box of buckshots, a refill box of p.b. rounds for the hand guns, a refill box ofp.b. hydra for the hand guns, and a special shotgun , better then the one you already have now. You will also be able to open that door in the food storage room. | [Sent by jimmyb]
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