Outlook.com the latest site to copy Ars, offer “dark mode”

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The most popular feature request for Microsoft's Outlook.com has been to add a dark/night theme that replaces the eye-searing white with a calming dark grey, making it less visually traumatic to check your e-mail after dark. Microsoft has now announced that this is coming soon, as spotted by The Verge.
The new theme will be based on a special dark theme that was offered last Halloween. Since then, it's apparently been "redesigned multiple times" and the company claims that it will be "the best Dark Mode of any leading e-mail client."
The http://Outlook.com Halloween theme is quite something pic.twitter.com/JIMc3ZSlPS
— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 27, 2017
But as exciting as this is (along with Microsoft's dark mode work in Explorer) I can't help but feel it's all a little old hat. A dark mode? On a website? Why, we've been doing this at Ars for years. Click that little hamburger menu up at the top of each page, and you can switch between conventional dark-on-light text and the eyeball-friendly light-on-dark.

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