OTG Drive



I have no idea where else to put this thread so ill give it a shot in this section,

at the moment im looking for some stortage capacity for my PSP and i found out about these OTG Drives... If you search youtube with " Witchain SPS PSP " you find alot of movies of PSPs using USB ISO LOADER 0.8 and witchain SPS.

Well my problem is: I cant seem to find the Witchain SPS (youtube comments refer to ebay but also over there i cant find anything)

so my actual question is: Does anyone of you guys/girls know which OTG Drive is compatible with PSP 1000 and USB ISO LOADER 0.8 that is not really hard to get your hands on? preferrably a youtube movie for example.

Link to witchain SPS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dENm3JevlRY

Thanks in advance!
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