Omikron: The Nomad Soul - DCRES tester request

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Copýing/Pasting the message I've just posted in snesorama:

I'm working on the DCRES release of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and I need a tester.

The tester needs to have finished the game at least once.

The tester will have access to a "beta" release and will have to play the game until the end (you don't need to get every extra, just play until the end) on a console (not emulator), and give me some information that I'll request later. I'll give you a "question list" before you start playing, so you'll know exactly what I'm looking for.

There is no time limit, but be reasonable. E.g.: 1 or 2 months is a reasonable time, while a year is not. Additionally, only sign up if you're not giving up.

Don't make me lose time signing up only to get the "beta" release. It's still bad, and it's not worth it. The final version will be way better, so be nice and wait.

To protect myself against stupid people, you'll have to be a known member of the forum to be the tester (e.g.: a person with an account with 1 post won't be able to sign up).

If you're interested, answer this thread and I'll PM you later. Thanks for the support! I really hope it works.

Oh, and of course your name will be in the readme, I'm not an asshole.

P.S.: DCRES version won't have anything ripped like the other releases floating around, so be sure you'll be helping a quality project.
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