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Off-ROAD INTERCEPTER EXTREME from Cryatal Dynamics


L1 - Press once to jump, during a jump press and hold to hover
L2 - Airstrike
R1 - Fire your primary weapon, the on-board cannon
R2 - Nitro Boost
/\ - Not used
() - Plasma mine
>< - Accelerate
[] - Fire missle
Select - Camera - toggle between Battle Cam & Cockpit views.
Start - Pauses the game
Control Pad - Controls your vehicle


The status display shows your radar screen, an armor meter (A), your
speedometer, an item display, a hover meter (light blue vertical meter), the
chase bar which shows your position (white needle) relative to the position of
the criminal you are chasing (red charge), the amount of cash in your account
and the number of clones (lives) remaning.

Prior to each race you will receive a briefing during which you will see a
profile of the criminal you are pursuing. Subsequent to the briefing you will
advance to the chop shop where you may upgrade you vechile. You will then begin
the chase.

Your vehicle has an impressive array of weaponry as well as teh unique ability
to jump and hover for a short period of time. (you can hover by pressing the L1
button until the hover meter is depleted).

Your objective during each chase is to reach the waypoint before your prey.

Collect coins to increase the amount of money in you account. Collect a wrench
to partially or totally replenish the shield meter. Collect a gun to increase
the destructive power or your cannon. Collect a nitro canister to increase the
number of nitros you have.

When you reach a waypoint before your prey you succeed in blocking that route
and traping him on the palnet. If you fail to reach a waypoint before your prey
he will escape and you will be forced to start over again.

On the final chase of each world you must destroy your prey. (boss), in order to
clear the world.

When you clear a level in the story mode you will receive a password.

If you incur damage when you shield meter is completely depleted you will lose
your vehicle. When all you vehicles are gone the game is over.


You can beat most of your prey to waypoints if you fire you cannons continuously
and keep the pedal to the metal.

Zig-Zag to avoid being hit by enemy fire and to search for power up items.

When you attact the boss at the end of the first world, stay to the side of the
boss and fire. Avoid getting diractly in front of the boss.

Jump over areas that appear to be liquid or unstable.

When approaching a ramp use a turbo boost to pick up speed and increase the hang
time of your jump.

Password for level 2 is "RD6S?SLCKLMKG5BS"
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