NitePR Hack Archive Application


Hi everyone, I've made a program that will allow you to get NitePR hack codes from an online data base. I'll be updating the hacks a lot, and if you request them then I will add them that day.

This program has a few features that you should know about:
* Get hacks
This will allow you to get hacks of a Game ID that you entered. The hacks will be displayed in a edit control in the program.
* Open in Notepad
This will get the hacks like what I said above, but it will open them in Notepad.exe
* Save to PSP
You select your "PR Hack Folder" and it will add the hacks in. Note that this will add on codes to the .txt file if there is already a .txt file in your data base.
* Get working Game IDs
This will give you a list of all the working Game IDs.

How can this archive grow? Well, it is up to you mainly. I will be adding codes for three different game IDs every day, but if you want codes for a specific game ID then post in this thread and I will add them as soon as I can.

Download Link


Let me know if you need this uploaded at another site.

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