NG.DEV.TEAM announces Gunlord for NeoGeo and Dreamcast!

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I was browsing and saw they posted news about this, so credit goes to our amigos there for the news first!


GUNLORD - Welcome to Gunlords World

This looks to be in the same vein as Metal Slug or Contra and other side scrolling run and jump shooters on classic systems. I am actually VERY excited by this, as it is something different than a Shmup, but not by much. Anyway, who cares? Dreamcast is getting 2 new games in 11, so it is very awesome!

Edited: Doh! Got ahead of myself, thanks for the correction Vasilliy! :mrgreen: I must have RedSpot games on the brain lmao. This is by NG.DEV.TEAM, NOT Redspot games lmao.
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