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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums here and just wanted to introduce myself a little bit.

I got my first Dreamcast on Christmas day of 2001. My entire Christmas break was spent playing Grandia II, Shenmue, Sword of the Berserk and even some Virtua Tennis nonstop. I loved that console to death and have many fond memories, even more so than other consoles I've owned in the past. A few weeks ago I was telling my girlfriend how much fun the Dreamcast was, and for nostalgia's sake I decided to look up how much they went for on Ebay and Amazon. To my surprise, they were really affordable! I got a used one off of Ebay, including a VMU and two controllers, for only 37 bucks. I'm super excited to find an active, thriving Dreamcast community out there and look forward to hooking up my DC online to play with you guys.

PS: I know this might be better for the online forum, but as a general question, should the Codebreaker .rar file used to hook up to the PSO server load up an interface or anything when it's loaded on the Dreamcast? My screen doesn't do anything, and when I select to play the disc, it says "please insert game disc". Am I doing something wrong?

PPS: I looked at the bottom of my Dreamcast and saw it was manufactured in August of 1999. Seems like this might be a first wave production! Are earlier-made Dreamcasts more susceptible to failure, or are harder to find nowadays? (Just curious.)
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