New Legacy of Kain game already canceled

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"Soul Reaver" was one of my favorite all-time DC games back in the day...incredible atmosphere, great story, great voice acting. So I was pretty excited to learn that a new LoK game was in development for current-gen systems. Then I learned in the same article that it was already canceled. Actually, I think I first learned it was canceled, then learned that it had been in development! Anyway, there's a 30 minute video of how the game was progressing for anyone who's interested:

Cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun Gameplay Leaks - IGN

People seem torn as to whether it looks cool or looks like garbage. I figure it's an unfinished game so there's no point in judging, but seeing some of the footage really took me back.

Now, if someone would make a new Soul Reaver game for the Dreamcast...then I'd be REALLY pumped!

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