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Whats up everybody, I'm brett. I'm from the midwest and I'm a Dreamcast dork.

So far, I'm working pretty hard on my collection lately (with the help of eBay). I've got some good titles and some bad. But, I mostly want to get all the games I had when I was a kid (I'm 23 now ha). Back in the day, I stupidly sold all of my DC stuff after my console stopped working. It seemed like one of the controller ports went out. Maybe its fixable, maybe not. But, I still have the broken system. I used to have an INSANE amount of games... Now, I have almost got them back.

But, anyways... Here is my collection! Prices posted are soley for WHOA SWEET DEAL BRAH! purposes.

Resident Evil 2 ($20 shipped)
Resident Evil 3 ($20 shipped)
Resident Evil Code Veronica (FREE ha)
Dino Crisis ($8 shipped)
Illbleed ($15 from a local store called Slackers)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 ($6 shipped)
Metropolis Street Racer ($16 from Slackers)
Sega GT (freebie from a friend)
Evolution 2: Far Off Promise (freebie from a friend)
Jet Grind Radio (freebie from a friend)
NFL 2K1 ($8 from Slackers)
NBA 2K1 (free, came w/o a case with THPS2)
Shenmue ($30 from Slackers)
Quake 3 Arena ($10 shipped)
Also have two white controllers, a blue controller, a white VMU, and a dark gray VMU that I had from my original DC.

I know I am leaving a few games out... But, I'll update later.

So far, I have just about every game I would ever want on Dreamcast ha. I would like to get the MDK and Rainbow Six titles, D2, THPS1, and maybe Alone in the Dark (had that one back in the day as well)... But, we'll see. I just know I'm having tons of fun and my Xbox 360 has been sitting and collecting dust ever since I got RE 2 and 3. Cheers- bk
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