Need some help with psp slim buttons


Er um i just installed the psp faceplate i bought the clear one and it looks really awesome the only thing is my buttons are hella loose the up down left and right buttons are all loose all the screws are in tight but i think i know what the problem is, its slipping off the little rubber thing behind it so i was wonder a couple things it is cuz the old rubber thing had something sticky on it cuz even though i am using the black buttons i am using the rubber thing that came with the pack or is it because the rubber thing is flipped the wrong way but when i flip it over the other way it gets way to tight and when ever i try to put it on and then i push the buttons before i screw everything in it just pops off cuz its so tight now also i am using the black buttons cuz it looks cool with black on one side and clear on the other and they seem to be a little better then the clear ones but um if i need to change it back to the clear ones i will i have a pic of my psp


Sorry about the pic looking bad the other other cam i have is my go!cam LOL​

and also if i can't fix this right away isn't there a plugin that allows you to control your XMB with your analog? if any one could give me a link or just tell me a name that would be great thanks :D

In a nutshell i need to know how to make my buttons less loose

EDIT: In my pack also came a backplate with the triggers everything is it hard to change backplate for psp slim? if any one has tutorial or video that would be nice LAWL

ALso i found joysense i just need help with this one part Make sure that forceanalog is set to 1 in the ini (default) and change the remap mode to Analog->DPad (2) or Analog<->DPad (3)
if you still want to be able to give analog input in some way (for the photo viewer or browser).

what does it want me to do?
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